The Da Cat Model: Cult, Super Surfboard or?

The Da Cat model:  wow- what hormonal interests in a surfboard.

Did you know there was a person who made counterfeit Da Cats?  Great counterfeits down to a original pressure ding!

How did he get caught?  Well, so the story goes , he sold them to two police officers that surfed.   They each started to brag about their boards,  stored in the attic, that the original owner died in Vietnam! And lets not forget what a great price.   So they showed each other their boards!

Low and behold they were the Exact same board.  The Red Greg Noll logo was perfect, not faded at all!  The owner (Sam Ryan) of the now closed Longboard Grotto in San Diego also got fooled.  When Greg and the police caught up with him, this guy was on his way to Monterey to sell me one and knock off my sixties Yater spoon.

Greg made the guilty person destroy all the counterfeit boards, however,  Sam Ryan being the guy he is kept his for his own reality check, good job Sam old buddy!  Greg may also have one?  Is yours a counterfeit?

So what’s up with this model?  Greg made a limited amount of a retro editions and they sold like hot-cakes.  To my knowledge, other retro models  made by other board builders did not sale as fast.  I had a client in the heyday of all this stuff pay $10K for a restored original Da Cat!

Have I owned any Da Cats?   First of all I am not a model type collector.  I like the stock Foamies and Wood!  Yes,  I sold it to a friend so I could buy another surfboard.  He still rides that Red Da Cat today.  You will all hear from him on this site, trust me!

So share your photos, share your questions, and share your thoughts with all of us.

I believe the Da Cat is cult status!  Believers are true believers!

Always remember your pictures are worth 1000 words

Keep Surfing,  Pete











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