Vintage Skateboards

Skateboards are a vintage surf memorabilia collectible.   The first ones were a two by fours with old metal steel wheels, a homemade version.  Then came the boom of plastic skateboard decks, laminated wood decks,  and fiber flex decks.  Not to mention the improvements in wheels and trucks.  Bingo you have a new sport, bust your buns!

Yes, I had a skateboard.  As mentioned about a two by four with metal wheels, that was mine.  Now my brother Tommy, he had a Hobie wood skateboard.   I peeled off the paper logo and put a Hobie decal on the deck on a green band.  The I laminated the deck with one layer of 10 oz volan cloth.  Then I put a coat of sanding resin with some sand for traction.   The only board of its kind.  Some stupid idiot stole it!  It was not hard for me to get Tommy’s skateboard back.  The kids big brother was deathly afraid of me so it came back easy.  After that Tommy took a little more careful with his custom skateboard.   Tommy simply wore the wheels to death and heaven knows where that skateboard is now.  Tommy like many groms began his surfing career on the sidewalk.

Skateboards have progressed so much that there is it seems like an endless number of pieces to collect. I mean Santa Cruz Skateboards were a far cry from the red skateboards with the metal wheels.  Even the Gordon & Smith’s blanks were state of the art and evolved quickly.   The skateboard craze develop a group of stickers to collect.  Lets all not forget that surf shoes ended up as skate shoes.   Vans off the Wall were sold in grocery stores for a ridiculous cheap price before the advent of skateboards.  Here we see another division of the surf industry the surf/skate shoes, thank you skateboards.

The other big collectible factor in your favor is you did not need an ocean.  You could be a rad skateboarder in Iowa or Missouri.  So what surfing could not hold, skateboards could and took the nation like a wild fire.  Skate companies made enormous amounts of money.  Skateboards are everywhere and anywhere you can suggest!

Collectors have sold skateboards for as much as $1000 in the hey day.  There are far more skateboard collectors in relationship to surfing memorabilia collectors because of the true nation of exposure and use by the nation’s teenage population.  Skateboarding went from a crime to basic transportation to a collectible item.  The vintage boards went from junk to prize possessions.  Skateboards are easy to display and do not take up as much room as a surfboard.  They make great wall displays!

Another subject I am a little light on.  However,  those of you out their can enlighten all of us.  Show us you boards?  Tell us your stories? Rate the vintage skateboards from most valuable to least valuable?  Remember a picture with you’re reply is worth a 1000 words.  There must be millions of skateboards out there for us to all  look at and learn about!  What was hot in your town?

Keep Surfing,  da Coach

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