Sixties Surfing Advertisements

Ebay is always full of torn out ads from classic surfing magazines.  While I find these terribly interesting I do not like the fact that they cut up a classic surfing magazine.  Nevertheless,  it is a sought after surfing collectible.

I find what is the most interesting is how the advertisements evolved.  In early surfing magazines most ads are pin and ink with the companies logos.  As the golden age of surfing progressed advertisers found better ways to use the technology of the day. Full color page ads.   We have many of our old Greg Noll ads displayed on our site that illustrate the evolution of surfing ads.  Surfboard manufactures actually had a single board built for their ad.  Case in point,  the Leedy Surfboard of mine featured in Mark  Blackburn’s, Surf’s Up (on display at the On The Beach Classic Surfboard Museum in Monterey Ca), has a nose block, tail block, double reverse T Band center, T Bands for outer stringers and the most elaborate resin color design I have ever seen.  It is a beauty.  It would have been terribly expensive to purchase!  Made especially for Leedy Surfboards first ad, their selling point was color work!  Bing made an orange gun for an ad, never surfed, I believe 9ft!

Not only did we have Surfboard Manufactures advertising enter the new surfing industry.  Wet Suits, Jack O Neill’s slogan, “Its always summer inside”, Clothing companies such as Duke Boyd’s Hang Ten and we will never forget the Jantzen Line,  Wax,  Surfboard Car Racks, Decals, Posters, Surfing Catalogs such as Inland Surf Shop, Surf Music and Surf Movie advertisements.  I know I am leaving product out,

People find it is easy to buy these old ads off the internet and frame them for their house or office.  The frame shops clean them up and they look pretty sweet!  These ads sell from anywhere from $5 to $50 (Unframed)  depending upon how old they are. There are many companies who used the popularity surfing to enhance their products sales also!  Who could forget the Fred Hemmings poster of him at Makaha I believe that became a Hamms Beer Billboard ad!  This ad was seen in many mainstream publications of the time.

This part of surfing memorabilia has its place just like any other piece does.  Antique dealers are quick to cannibalize a damaged magazine for the ads.  People identify with logos and brands.  One of Cathy and my favorite games while traveling to Mexico in the car.  What is not made anymore?  Antique dealers cut their loses with damaged magazines cut the ads out and sell the ads.  I even got stuck on a decal deal where a guy advertised certain Surfboard Decals for sale of ebay.  They were to cheap to believe.  When I received them they were cut out logos out of a surfing magazine!  Seller no where to be found!  I know, if it too good to be true it probably isn’t true!

I am challenging all of you!  If you do not like this part of collecting because of the damage to the magazines give us you opinion?  However, if this is your cup of tea, tell us why it is so good and what are your favorites?  As always a picture is worth a 1000 words!  Send us a picture of your favorite ad?  You do not know my favorite ad? Marsha Bainer Topless advertising Jacobs Surfboards number two is Susan Hart advertising Surfboards by Phil, actually they are tied in my book!

Keep Surfing, da Coach

Threw in a new ad of my brothers old surf shop Newport Surf & Sport, please never forget Tommy!

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