Sixties Surf Shop Storefront Game? Do you remember??



Progress is  and can be bad for a sport.   In surfing we do not cherish our landmarks.   I have complained several times that the Old Hobie shop is a Taco Shop now.  It should be a historical landmark.   So let me pick on you for  a minute.  Most surfers do not care about surfing history.   They care more about the next wave and their next board.  That is a crying shame because Surfing has recent history.   People, Buildings, Surf Spots,  Memorabilia and  Surfboards are pretty recent.   That means you can still see them or at least had a chance to meet the real people.  Well, not everything surf spots have definitely changed.  What about the old shops?  I believe the only company in the same building is Rich Harbour at Harbour Surfboards in Seal Beach. I invite you to correct me.


Today’s blog is intereactive!  You provide the information and pictures!  Get on your thinking caps because here is your assignment.  Look at the pictures and answer the questions.


What two shops are these?  Where were their location?  What is in the location now?  What made these shops special?  Who were your favorite employees?


What two shops are these?  Where were their location?  What is in the location now?  What made these shops special?  Who were your favorite employees?

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This is kind of fun?  I must mention my friends on the form at they have been super helpful finding me photos and providing information, thank you to all who have helped me.   Now it’s your turn to help?  Send me photos of sixties storefronts of surf shops?  I need all the information you can provide.  You can use the questions above as your guide.  I want surf shops who were dealers also not just manufacturers!  One added question from above did these small shops produce local shapers?


You got plenty of homework!  Remember a photo with you’re reply is worth a 1000 words. In this case part of the puzzle!

Keep Surfing,  daCoach  PS:  the last three photos are extra credit!!!

Also my wish lists for shops is on!  Got any for me???


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Hey listen to the daCoach: Blaker Surfboard 50 year reunion! & The Old Guys Rule Surf Reunion, these Texans know how to have fun!


Many manufactures are coming up on their fifty years either in business or simply the anniversary of the start of production.   Many of the original owners of these surfboards  have their first purchase from that manufacturer.  Recently, Harbour celebrated his 5oth year in business and production.  I reported earlier about an Oregon sixties reunion.  This fifty year old stuff is important!  So lisen to daCoach, lets have fun with it!


The is another group of old surfers in Texas having what they called “Old Guys Rule Surf Reunion” (not affiliated with Don Craig’s clothing line, Old Guys Rule).  It is being held on April 26 & 27 at the Stahlman Park Reception & Conference Center at Surfside Beach Texas.  These guys have the right idea, lets get the old guys together and have some fun!  I had thought I could attend but will be severing my time as a paid surf judge at Pleasure Point for the Big Stick Surfing Association’s Log Jam, a Vintage surfboard contest.


The Blaker Surfboard Reunion is an event that we are all going to see more of!  Blaker Surfboards started in 1963-1970 by Mack Blaker.  Later Clay Blaker joined the crew from 1967-70.  The Blakers used pop out foam at first.  When I have visited Texas due to the extreme heat most Blakers I have seen suffer from sun damage.  The early boards are probably the ones I have had the pleasure of seeing.  Later the Blakers went to Foss Foam and then to Walker.   When Walker went out of business they moved to Clark Foam.  The factory was at 13622 Almeda Rd, Houston Texas.  Ok, What’s there now?  The Blakers made about 2850 Surfboards.


That means there is potentially 2850 previous owners that could attend this very cool reunion.   They have it up on facebook with many cool beach scenes and proud Blaker original owners photos many courtesy of: Gary Iwen.   This celebration will be in conjunction with the Texas Surf Museum in Corpus Christi on June 7th from 6:00-9:00.  One of my favorite places, again, Brad Lomax and Pat Magee did this plac/ right for the public.  Very Surfer/Public friendly with lots of exhibits.  You might recall the map/timeline I told you about on the wall.  They are looking for Blaker items either to borrow for the reunion and or donate to the Texas Surf Museum.  You can contact them at  It sounds like a fun activity but also a learning experience for the surfing memorabilia collector historian in all of us!  Keep watching facebook for event updates and event merchandise.


As we all grow older we are going to see more and more of these kinds of celebrations.  Being a football coach and a surfer and attending these activities in Texas are hard to beat!  Texans are passionate about their football and also about their surfing, pure stoke! Texas is always a fun trip for daCoach, I LOVE THE TEXANS!!!!!


You must know of more events such as these two in your areas?  Drop us a line!  As usual a photo with your reply is worth a 1000 words.   If there is not an event planned, take the initiative and  organize one yourself.  A true labor of love and your passion for surfing!

Keep Surfing,  daCoach


adding Blaker next to Loe Surfboards as boards needed for my collection in Monterey!


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