Patience is a Virtue that willl save you money!


This spring before my good friend David Prager moved from Monterey to Hilo on the big Island a unique surfboard pop up on the market.   David is a big Phil Edwards fan.  The problem was this gem of a surfboard was located in New York, New York.  The sellers who were land lords who saw big bucks but didn’t want to ship!  You know a local pick up only.  I found the board on my daily Craig’s List search.  Patience and determination were going to be two important character traits in this deal.


The sellers knew they had a big buck item and wanted a bidding frenzy to start.  I contacted the sellers immediately.  Dave saw the board and had to have it.  It was by the pictures available in at least a 8 condition.  But it most unique aspect was it had a bolt through the deck a polypropylene fin!  Which I have never seen on a Hobie Phil Edwards Model!  There was another hot bitter in the Seattle area and the board finally went to Dave about $1200 more than he wanted to pay.   I advised Dave accordingly, if you spend that much money you had better not want to sell it because your probably going to be upside down in the board.    The two sellers wanted as much money as they could get an would tell Dave or you anything either of you wanted to hear so they could get an extra hundred dollars out of the deal.  The sellers have NO Expertise!  Never let the seller make the decison for you.  As a buyer,  like Dave did, you have to rely on your personal instincts.  Dave was lucky he had me for support.  However, the bottom line for Dave was this would be his cleanest Hobie Phil Edwards in his collection that he would own and he was not purchasing it for speculation or resale!


Our problem, we had to find someone to pack and ship it.  Dave did not know anyone on the East Coast.  Dave had to rely on our friendship and for me to find a trustworthy person to accomplish this act.  Turning the board over to a shipping company for packing and shipping was super expensive!!!  That idea was out of the mix quick!   I finally found a friend who agreed to pack it and ship it.  The problem was waiting for a box.  You would think with all the SUP’s being sold this would not be a problem.  It was a big problem.  Like I keep telling you the government says the economy is great when in actuality it has not improved in the Surfing World.  We waited about 5 months before Dave talked the seller into packing the board.  My contact couldn’t get a box big enough to fit a  10-4 in.   Dave had a new 10-6 surfboard delivered to him at Hilo.  Dave sent that box, a travel bag, bubble wrap and tape to the seller.   As I write this the board has not been shipped so we can not evaluate the results.  However, without Dave’s patience and my encouragement to wait, he still managed saved hundreds a dollars in shipping of the board.  Oh did I mention you have to add the shipping into your price you paid!   Again, Dave loves this board, with no intentions to sell.  If he did try to sell in this market he would lose big time.


Patience in anything you do will always save the day.  What’s your story about your Patience?  A good experience or a bad experience?  Remember a photo with your reply says a 1000 words and helps us all understand how patient you were?

Keep Surfing,  daCoach


PS:  Dave thanks for letting me share your story!

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Show us your moves baby! What do you know about these Surfboard Manufacturers? How about Coaching us all up!


OK, pretty successful the last time I ask you to be a visiting Coach on small surfboard manufacturers.  Again,  the Blaker team from Texas leads the league with photos and info, they are stoked.  Oh don’t get me wrong several of you have been super helpful.  But it time to get a little more serious.  Response and reaction great let’s do it again!  Show us your moves or I mean knowledge?


Today’s blog is interactive!  You provide the information and pictures!  Get on your thinking caps because here is your assignment.  Look at the pictures and answer the questions.


Where were these two shops/brands located?  Did they move their location?  What is in the location now?  What made these shops special?  Who were your favorite employees?Do you have any pictures?


Where were these two shops/brands located?  Did they move their location?  What is in the location now?  What made these shops special?  Who were your favorite employees? Do you have any pictures?


This is kind of fun?  I must mention my friends on the form at they have been super helpful finding me photos and providing information, thank you to all who have helped me.   Now it’s your turn to help?  Send me photos of sixties storefronts of surf shops?  I need all the information you can provide.  You can use the questions above as your guide.  I want surf shops who were dealers also not just manufacturers!  One added question from above did these shops/manufacturers produce local shapers?


You got plenty of homework!  Remember a photo with you’re reply is worth a 1000 words. In this case part of the puzzle!


Keep Surfing,  daCoach  PS:  the last photo is extra credit!!!


Also my wish lists for shops is on!  Got any for me???

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