So you want to ride a authentic retro Surfboard? We got-em!!!!!!!!!


I do not believe in riding any antique surfboard that is in great shape.  There were so many made in the sixties it is easy to find a rider!  It is a buyers market for these boards most riders are back under $500.  But I know what your thinking you want to feel that stoke riding a super clean antique surfboard!  Well, have you thought about a retro surfboard?


First we must look at disadvantages of riding a valuable pristine antique surfboard.  Your first hurdle,  Joe Public, on any given day just too many people for the surf conditions regardless of what the conditions are.    Damage almost inevitable, it is going to happen no matter how hard you try or how good a surfer you are.  Your second hurdle, now that you have dinged your cherry piece of history is the repair, a modern repair detracts from the boards value!  Dings cost you money if you want to sell especially new dings.  some collectors can forgive an old ding, depending upon the repair job.  Your third and most important hurdle,  these old boards don’t surf like new modern surfboards.  You have to know how to surf them.   They don’t surf well when you surf them from the tail!!!  You need to trim your board to get that classic sixties style of surfing.  Do you know how to do that?


A new retro Surfboard,  Jed has been taught by his father and Bob Pearson two great shapers.   Jed brings the best of the old world and new world into the shaping room!  He knows about the old time designs as well as modern designs.  He understands old style stringer set up, pigments, nose/tail blocks.  He has the ability to give you what you want without sacrificing modern performance.  However, if you surf a performance longboard it will not be the same.  He can make that retro board surf circles around that old log.  Jed can also make the new board look like a new old log!   he is a craftsman!

309077_296950116998725_592517271_n 1618527_691054730915198_1257508801_n

The advantage is you can have the best of both worlds with Jed Noll!  With the availability of new blanks and materials you can achieve you wildest dreams without sacrificing performance.  You can paddle out on a surfboard with that classic look and not sacrifice performance.   Because with crowds the way they are your going to need that performance to protect your investment.


You may have a birthday or special event in your life coming up that deems you do something special for yourself.  Sit down at the kitchen table and list your wants and needs for the board.   Shoot Jed and email or a phone call, better yet visit the shop and confer and plan the surfboards of your dreams.  You deserve it! your efforts have earned that special surfboard.  Contact Jed as soon as possible to get your board in the production line.  You won’t be sorry and you’ll have a lot of fun on a bitching surfboard! Or maybe you don’t surf anymore and want a little rememberance in your office and or den?  Jed’s your man!


Then send us a picture of that special board so I can do a blog of special Noll Surfboards!  Remember a picture with your reply is worth a 1000 words!

Keep Surfing, daCoach

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Sixties Surf Shop Storefront Game? Do you remember??



Progress is  and can be bad for a sport.   In surfing we do not cherish our landmarks.   I have complained several times that the Old Hobie shop is a Taco Shop now.  It should be a historical landmark.   So let me pick on you for  a minute.  Most surfers do not care about surfing history.   They care more about the next wave and their next board.  That is a crying shame because Surfing has recent history.   People, Buildings, Surf Spots,  Memorabilia and  Surfboards are pretty recent.   That means you can still see them or at least had a chance to meet the real people.  Well, not everything surf spots have definitely changed.  What about the old shops?  I believe the only company in the same building is Rich Harbour at Harbour Surfboards in Seal Beach. I invite you to correct me.


Today’s blog is intereactive!  You provide the information and pictures!  Get on your thinking caps because here is your assignment.  Look at the pictures and answer the questions.


What two shops are these?  Where were their location?  What is in the location now?  What made these shops special?  Who were your favorite employees?


What two shops are these?  Where were their location?  What is in the location now?  What made these shops special?  Who were your favorite employees?

Ghost Surf Juno FL73329_10152398221095401_431756734_n

This is kind of fun?  I must mention my friends on the form at they have been super helpful finding me photos and providing information, thank you to all who have helped me.   Now it’s your turn to help?  Send me photos of sixties storefronts of surf shops?  I need all the information you can provide.  You can use the questions above as your guide.  I want surf shops who were dealers also not just manufacturers!  One added question from above did these small shops produce local shapers?


You got plenty of homework!  Remember a photo with you’re reply is worth a 1000 words. In this case part of the puzzle!

Keep Surfing,  daCoach  PS:  the last three photos are extra credit!!!

Also my wish lists for shops is on!  Got any for me???


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