Noll Surfboards Retail Store: Tell me you visited! If not what is keeping you from a shopping trip?


Once or twice a year I try and help pay the bills.  You are aware we have a retail shop in San Clemente?  We are at 1709 N El Camino in San Clemente and our phone number is 949 369 6500.  The store carries many more items  of clothing, surfboards (new & used), stickers, patches, head wear, footwear and piece of fine art than available on the web site. It has to be a must stop when in Orange County!  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is there to make your visit high quality and rewarding.


Advantages of a visit:  First, you can meet Jed Noll.   You will not meet a finer, friendlier, or more knowledgeable about surfboard design person. Jed is a bitchin person!  Also you can visit with him in his shaping room.  Yes, no machine  or boxes of surfboards coming from China.  Surfboards are hand shaped by Jed and glassed by our factories here in California.  Yes, you can design a board with Jed, that outrageous classic design just like you have always wanted.  Again, the surfboard will be shaped by Jed and all facets of production are done in house by our craftsmen.  The surfboard rack is loaded with new and used surfboards.  The rack of used board changes weekly.  Who knows you might snake daCoach out of a classic?  Or you might find the perfect used board for your wife/husband or child to learn on.


However,  you choices for selection multiply by 50 times.  Many limited items only available in our shop.  You big guys, yes we have 3X!!  Stickers galore the selection is constantly being upgraded for our regular shop customers.  Accessories for your surfboard and surfing needs are available. Footwear, headwear and other unique clothing items are also available.


I have also mentioned several times that there are fine art surf pieces available for sale!  That special gift for that special person? Or the perfect item for your home.


You might be from out of town and just need advice on where to surf?  Stop in for a visit and get the help and information you need.  Or you might need that special gift for a love one or a friend back at home, we have it!  I am positive that a personal visit from you will be a quality visit for you/family/friends and our staff!   Go Buy!


Keep Surfing,  daCoach

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Surf Cult Hollywood Movies: Did they influence Surfing? How did they influence YOU!


Cool activities are cool and unique because of their popularity or of  lack of popularity.  However, never do the participants in these activities like to  acknowledge that Hollywood gave that activity a jump start.  Why?  because everyone jumps on the band wagon, you might say fair weather friends.  The activity becomes saturated and not so unique!  In additions industries are created by these activities.  Well whether you like this statement or not Surfing is no different!  Hollywood has made a major impact on  Surfing!


I am not talking about the rough cut/homegrown surf movies.  I am talking about big production and big money.  Bruce Brown was smarter the second time around with the Endless Summer 2.  He choose the Hollywood style rather than the surf roots/limited budget.  By the way Mike Hynson and Robert August paid their own way in the Endless Summer!  The movies I am going to talk about no one paid their own way!


In my opinion these three movies defined Surf at the box office.  The first is Gidget that was released in April 10, 1959, just in time to set up summer.   Gidget came from a book written by Fredrick Kohmer (Gidget’s Dad) about his daughter’s, Kathy’s, experiences hanging out at Malibu with Surfers.  You all know the story pretty well.  What did this movie do  ”It exposed the Bohemia Life Style of Surfers to the World!”.  There were few surfboard builders and the interest and demand grew because of this movie for more Surfboards.  Gidget release demanded the need for more surfboard production.  I need not remind you of all the Frankie and Annette Beach Movies were Gidget inspired.  In addition Surf Music finally became of age!  The whole country was stoked on Surfing!  By the way in 1959 Gidget took in $1.5 million at the box office.


The next Big Hollywood production to influence Surfing was “Ride the Wild Surf”.  This movie did not come from a book it was written by the producers  Art & Jo Napoleon.  Released on August 4 1964.   Loaded with stars that appealed to teenagers.  It was billed as  a more realistic Hollywood Surf Movie.  It was about riding big waves in Hawaii.  Greg our fearless leader was a surf double for the big wave surfing.  Fabin and Tab Hunter could barely sit on their surfboards in the swimming pool.  Peter Brown had been surfing.   The surf scenes with the actors are as phony as the bad surf scenes with actors in Gidget.  Nevertheless,  It inspired big wave surfing on the mainland.  It exposed Hawaii as a  premier surf spot.  It exploited beautiful surfer girls!  It took in $1.4 million in 1964.  Not as good as Gidget but in both films a ticket to the movies was less than a buck!  The movie impact Surf fashion, Surfboards and Surf Travel!  The Surf Industry got a huge lift from this movie!  Remember those striped T Shirts they wore in the movie?

big wednesdayDownloadedFile

The next movie was from a book written by Denny Aaberg.  I read this book in 1977 in a Boeing 707 on my way to England.  I have no idea what happen to that book, but I enjoyed it!!  Big Wednesday was released May of 1978.  It made $45 million at the box office.  Denny wrote about his teenage years.  Many of the scenes are from true  stories.  I can’t tell you how I know or I would have to kill you.  Many of the characters in the book are real life people who have become friends over the years.   I believe this movie jumped started the “longboard Revival”.  After this movie many people returned to the water full time.  Clark started offering more longboard blanks.  John Millus, (a Malibu Surfer) who directed this classic, really paved the way for the Endless Summer 2 and Bruce Brown. Couple of three trivia facts:  The Balsa Board ridden on Big Wednesday, three were made.  Bear Surfboards was a ficitous label for the movie.  Yes, there are several of the actual movie boards floating around.  Roger Nance has one on display at the Beach House in Santa Barbara.  Bear stuff was huge in the US for a long time and made millions.  Bear is still huge in Europe!  The Bear logo made millions then and now.  Impact Surfing?  You can take it to the Bank!!


So, I have given you all some food for thought?  What media event influenced your surfing and or collecting the most?  OK, Which movies  would you like to see go away? Remember a picture with you reply says a 1000 words.  See you at the movies for the next Hollywood Surf Movie!


Keep Surfing, daCoach

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