Buying Surfing Memorabilia from a Senior Citzen


My wife’s Cathy’s mom is 90.  She  is a stubborn lady who wants to remain in  her home, but she needs help and refuses  it.  On one of the aftermath of her calling an ambulance to get pain medication because she used it all up, a social worker brought up “Elderly Abuse” to my sister n law.   This is absurd in my wife Cathy’s case however there are strict laws about elderly abuse nationwide.   California is the strictest!  So I decided that all of  us should be aware on Elderly Abuse and how easy it would be to be accused?  Poeple have been challeged in California.


It seems that most senior citizen in my dealing fall into two groups.  The first, what I call NCAA=No Clue At All, they have this stuff want money and have no idea of its value.  Or the second,  Hard to deal with, know the object has value and are as stubborn as a mule when it comes to any negotiations.  They want way too mcuh and willnot budge.  This group is going to abuse you!


The first group has variables.  The first are relatives.   So you score a large amount of surfing memorabilia for practically nothing.   Then you sell it on ebay for more than its actual value.  Well according to two attorneys I quizzed about Elderly Abuse the family can come after you.  If you knowingly gave the elderly person not all the information on  potential value and turned a big profit your liable.  The statues of limitations vary from state to state.  Your second fear the  person’s neighbors and or friends.  If the relatives didn’t know about the surf stuff surely the person close friends and or neighbors will.   I have been summoned several times to help friends neighbors and or parents friends.  Now I know I am scaring you a little.  You just need to be careful.   I mean if you bought a board for a $100 and sold it for a $1000.  You might be at risk.  However the legal advisors I spoke to said it would cost more money to prosecute you than you made on the surf deal.    We are talking buying for a $100 and selling for $5000.  Your in trouble with the law if the deal becomes an issue.  It should be noted that many a family split up of siblings when a death occurs in the family and there is money!  You must be careful.


How do I deal with elderly people who do not know what they have?  I deal with everyone the same.  My first question is:  How much money are you hoping to get from the sell of this object?   When dealing with an older person if they say something ridiculously low, I add a resemble amount.  If it is way too much money I simply tell them what the market range is for an item like theirs.  If it is too much I thank them and leave. Generally when the item or items are over priced before your visit and outsider has got involved and is feeding them a lot of Whiskey Talk!  The sellers generally call me back.  I have had wonderful dealing with old people.  Now that I am one of them they trust me even more!


What have been your dealings with a senior citizen?  Did they try to rob you?  Or did they try to give away with other stuff?   Or worse case a family member challenged you for more money with legal threats?   Remember a picture with your reply is worth a 1000 words.  I do not fear this issue, I simply do not sell many of my boards.

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