Getting a little extra Income tax refund from paying all those high medical insurance premiums: My turn! Buying a new edition to your Vintage Surfboard Collection


Let’s not get political here!  Medical Insurance, Pill Companies, Hospitals, and of course Doctors charged way too much before Obama Care and now they charge more!  Fact:  When Cathy had her glad bladder out at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula about ten years ago, she need two Tylenol tablets before she was released.  We or our insurance was billed $35 for each tablet!  Their explanation you have to pay for people who don’t pay!  Like I said not fair before and certainly not fair now.  But let’s look on the brighter side, those insurance premiums are tax deductible.  Just maybe and just maybe you got back a little more refund than you expected and it’s your turn to spend it!  A new board for the collection is just what the doctor call for!U2F1DDGXPHMK

The good news is its a buyers market.  The bad news is you must be patient!  The flip side of these political issues are people need cash!  Our toys are generally the most expendable item in our homes.  The market is flooded.  Ebay may be an avenue but generally if there is a bidding war you may get left at the starting gate.  I would advise that if funds are limited and you choose Ebay keep an open mind.  Alternatives are Craig’s List.  I know you started getting all the spam for penile enlargement, refinancing your home and the fleece you out of your money schemes.  However, you can place wanted ads? Instructing sellers of what specifically you are looking for!  You can blanket the surf areas!  Or you can put signs up at the local surf shop of your interest in buying.  Referrals are always the best!   Some local weekly newspapers have a week free want ad another idea!


I mentioned patience:  This is not the time to over spend for a vintage surfboards.  The indicators are poor for the general market.  The choice items at auction are generally not close to their reserves!  Remember, speculators who paid big money have lost up to 70% of their original investments.  Please remember what a person paid for the item is insignificant!  What is significant is what you can pay now for that item, Money talks and BS walks.  You can not afford another’s person mistake of paying too much for a board!


Some key things to remember.  First, have fun buying this new addition to your collection.  Half the fun is the search and then the chase!  Don’t second guess yourself, what ever you do when you make your decision live with it!  Include your family and or love ones.  Their encouragement will make the whole experience more rewarding!


OK, What your spending the income refund story?  Was it a great experience?  Or was it a nightmare?  Come on tell up, you might prevent one of us from the same disaster or more important add to  our fun!  Always remember photos with your reply say a 1000 words!

Keep Surfing,  daCoach

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A New Year’s Resolution: To surf in a Vintage Surfboard Contest! Some things to think about??

Rare-Greg-Noll-Surfboard-Dealer-Sticker-and-Signed images images

Every year millions of people intend to turn over a new leak?  Their goals are  in the form of New Year’s Resolutions.  Now remember from years past daCoach is not a big New Year’s Eve party guy.  It interferes with  my college football bowl games, in case you don’t remember I see at least a part of every bowl game if not the whole game!  So anyway, we all get a little optimistic about the upcoming year!   If the last year was troublesome, we put it behind us with optimism!  One common resolution annually that comes up with collectors of Surfing Memorabila is a Vintage Surfboard Contest?  I am here to tell you there are issues!  Today we are going to give you some things to think about.

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First issue:  What board are you going to ride?  I believe the most versatile surfboard for these contests  (also that meets most contest qualifications) is the Hansen 50/50, it’s wide, it’s a wave magnet, it’s  lighter than most vintage boards and generally easy to find.  Now are you going to take your contest board from your collection  or are you going to buy one?  Remember every time you move your vintage boards you risk damage.  You also risk sun damage leaving it on the beach all day?  If your going to buy one it is a great time, people need cash to pay for Christmas  or that winter trip they took.  Or are you going to borrow the board from a friend.  I never lend surfboards out for these events.  Remember I have judged just about everyone and are fully aware of the risks!  This issue is a Time Issue!  The more time you waste the bigger issue two becomes?

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Second Issue:   How serious are you about competing?  If it your results are not important it doesn’t matter if you prepare!  But remember the entry fees are between $50-$100 for these events.  Pretty expensive event shirt you are buying?   Generally Personal Pride will overcome the just participate factor.  So you must practice on your board of choice at the event break.  The locals, especially the kids, are going to love you out in the line up on your vintage surfboard!  As you begin your renewal of your original surf orientation back to the sixties a person generally has board control issues.  You do not want to get hit by your board.  The fact is no one  wants to be hit by your board.  Practice will be tough on you both mentally and physically!  Again, the locals and don’t forget the regulars are going to love you?   Did I say Love?,  better put in your plan make them love you!  Practice is important!!

images images images

These two issues are probably why you have consistently broken  this New Year’s Revolution!  So come on fess up!  Your stories why you haven’t competed?  Or why you have competed and what really happened?  First question to be answered in your reply, “Did you have FUN!”?  Remember pictures with your reply are worth a 1000 words or maybe pictures of  your new dings in that Vintage Surfboard?

Keep Surfing,   daCoach

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