People who name drop while trying to sell you Surfing Memorabilia: What do you do?


I recently saw several descriptions for surfboards for sale saying a prominent person in surfing said?  Now it’s pretty easy to name drop without getting caught.  But to quote our big Boss Greg “Someone is going to call bullshit”.  Whether it is during the sale or after the sale someone is going to check.  But Coach,  I don’t know any of these guys well enough to check?  Well here is some food for thought.  Personally I want to know when someone has misused my name, regardless of the circumstances!


First a little story:  During a Surf O Rama  back in the early nineties I was surfing down at 38th ave in front of Jack O’Neill’s House.  During my session I saw the ugliest David Nuuhiwa  Nose Rider I have ever seen in my life.  The owner had taken grey and black spray paint from a hardware store and repainted the surfboard.  Yes, I said he repainted it.  When he paddle out I paddle over by him and had a look.  I had just paddled back into the lineup and over heard the owner of this ugly surfboard say, “Pete Noble said my board is worth at least $1500″.  Every one who knew me in the line up turned and looked at me.  I very slowly butt paddled over by this guy.  I pretended to be interested in the ugly surfboard.  I asked, “So Pete Noble gave you an estimate?  Do you know Pete well?”.  Like a true idiot he said, “Yes!”.  Well let’s say I was very harsh with the owner of the ugly surfboard.  I order him out of the water and he left!


Now anybody can  use anybody for a reference or a selling point.  But before you invest any money you need to make a couple of calls or emails.  First, you can contact me and I can verify the information for you.  But it is easier than that.  If you have been collecting surfing memorabilia  for a  period of times the friends you have made know someone who can check for you.  I have never heard of a fellow true collector refusing to help anyone.  Remember my blog on Friends?  Yes, someone in your circle knows someone who can check the person out for you.  I have made several inquires for myself.  Even if I don’t know the person I call and check out the information.   I alway like to get the info from the horses mouth, if you know what I mean.  Yes, these people generally know who I am.  If they don’t I have a friend of a friend give the a  heads up I am calling.  I do not have money to waste.


Unfortunately when people need to sell they will tell you what you want to hear.  Do you remember I told you there are times you just have to walk away.  That old saying, “If it too good to be true!” maybe its a restored board a laser print or a fake.  Another word I use is “Patience”.  Keeping these thoughts in your mind it will help in your dealings with people who drop names in their item description.  Always do your homework and you will always be successful, listen to daCoach.


Ok, What’s your story?   The deal you got hood winked on?  The deal you passed on even though it sounded so good?   As always remember a  photo with your reply is worth a 1000 words.

Keep Surfing, daCoach

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What do you know about Small Surfboard Manufacturer? How about Coaching us all up!

Jack O'Neill Book, page 63images

OK, pretty successful the last time I ask you to be a visiting Coach on small surfboard manufacturers.  Again,  the Blaker team from Texas have been the most helpful with then and now photos.  Or don’t get me wrong several of you have been super help.  But it time to get a little more serious.  After this Blaker Reunion at the Texas Surf Museum this past June the Texans have inspired me once again!  See what they contributed!


Today’s blog is interactive!  You provide the information and pictures!  Get on your thinking caps because here is your assignment.  Look at the pictures and answer the questions.


Where were these two shops/brands located?  Did they move their location?  What is in the location now?  What made these shops special?  Who were your favorite employees?Do you have any pictures?


Where were these two shops/brands located?  Did they move their location?  What is in the location now?  What made these shops special?  Who were your favorite employees? Do you have any pictures?

1965_seajay_logoBuzz_01 - sm

This is kind of fun?  I must mention my friends on the form at they have been super helpful finding me photos and providing information, thank you to all who have helped me.   Now it’s your turn to help?  Send me photos of sixties storefronts of surf shops?  I need all the information you can provide.  You can use the questions above as your guide.  I want surf shops who were dealers also not just manufacturers!  One added question from above did these small shops produce local shapers?


You got plenty of homework!  Remember a photo with you’re reply is worth a 1000 words. In this case part of the puzzle!


Keep Surfing,  daCoach  PS:  the last photo is extra credit!!!


Also my wish lists for shops is on!  Got any for me???

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